Why Every Home Needs a Steam Shower: Its Benefits to Your Health

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Steam showers used to be found only in spas and health clubs but are becoming more and more popular in private homes – and for good reason. Nowadays, modular units are easy to install and less expensive than most people would expect, allowing many homeowners to indulge in the pleasures only a steam shower can bring. It’s not just about having a luxurious and relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home – the steam shower offers many other benefits as well. But which advantages does a steam shower offer? Here’s why every home needs a steam shower: the benefits to your health.

Get your blood flowing

Exposure to steam causes your blood vessels to widen, which increases blood circulation. This has many benefits: your organs receive more blood (therefore, more oxygen, vitamins, and minerals), your blood pressure naturally improves, and your immune system gets a boost.

steamMuscles and joints

During exercise – or everyday life – metabolic waste, especially lactic acid, gathers in the muscles and causes sore muscles. A steam shower is very helpful in getting rid of that waste. Furthermore, warm temperatures are soothing to aching joints, relieving pain.

Skin care

Because of the heat, skin pores open and allow any dirt and dust to freely escape – and because there is steam, you tend to perspire more, making the cleansing much more effective. What’s more, thanks to the steam, your skin stays moisturised (which is not the case when enjoying a sauna).

Pulmonary advantages

Steam that enters the nose and mouth has a soothing effect on the pulmonary system – which makes steam showers excellent for people suffering from asthma or other more common conditions such as the flu or the common cold. It opens the airways and soothes aches. It’s also great for sinusitis.

The mind at rest

There’s no doubt that together with all the physical advantages, there are psychological advantages as well. In part due to the physical changes your body goes through, your brain produces dopamine and other chemicals to make you feel at ease. A steam shower makes you forget your troubles and relaxes your mind.

Modern day steam showers are simple in design and can fit into most bathrooms; in fact, they are quite easy to install. The basic format is a tiled design with a steam generator, although many advanced models come with extra features such as LED lights, music options, and massage jet streams. The health benefits cannot be denied – in fact, ancient Romans started this centuries-old tradition, and the good old steam shower will never go away. There simply are too many advantages, which is why every household can now actually own and enjoy one in the privacy of their own bathroom.