We Got More Than a Driveway

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When my husband and I bought our home, we really liked everything about it other than the driveway. Our house sits pretty far off the road, and we only had a dirt driveway to get to it. This was okay most of the time, but when it rained or snowed, it was not okay at all. We also spent a lot of money and time washing our car and truck, and we finally decided it was time to change it. I knew that we were going to have to hire a company that does paving in Nassau County NY because of the length of the driveway.

It probably is longer than some roads here in town, that is how far back the house sits. That was the main appeal for us though to buy it, and now we just had to modernize the driveway so everything would finally be perfect here. After looking at a few different paving companies, we decided to go with Creative Masonry for a few reasons. They were the first ones to get back to us with a quote, and their price was very reasonable considering the size of the job they would be doing.

I thought it would take a while before they would be able to start, but it wasn’t. Even though they are quite busy, they have enough employees so a new customer does not have to wait very long for service. When we were shown a portfolio of their work to determine exactly what we wanted done, my husband just groaned because he knew that I was going to want more work done after seeing everything they can do. He was being funny about it though, because I knew that he liked everything just as much as I did. We ended up getting a new front walk and a patio out back as well!