Dental Implants Timeline: From Consultation to Recovery

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Every good dental implant Toronto follows a careful timeline. This timeline is an assurance that all the procedures are being done properly before and after the surgery. Some patients might want to skip processes when they are having their dental implants Toronto just to hasten things or to save money. However, shortcuts are not recommended if you want to minimize the risks and maximize the results of your dental implant. Below is a detailing of what should be included in your dental implant timeline.

Consultation. You need to meet with your dentist first at your Toronto dental implants clinic. During this time, unless you have already decided on your dentist, no assessment of your case is done yet. What happens during this consultation is that your dentist explains the procedure to you point-by-point. You should be properly oriented on the procedure’s risks as well as its benefits, and the care it would entail during your recovery from the surgery and the regular dental health care you would have to practice after that.

Assessment. During this phase, you will be given a thorough examination by your dentist. Since the implants will be attached to your jawline, the strength of your jawline will be tested. Facial bone grafting may be necessary for jawlines which are compromised or weaker than usual. You will also have to do some Xrays so the dentist can properly map out the surgical site, and so that the procedure can be planned accordingly. At this point, or right before the surgery, impressions of your jawline and your bite will be taken as well.

Surgery. Depending on your personal needs, topical anesthesia will be applied, usually without any need for an accompanying sedative. If you feel like you will panic on the table, however, you may request for a sedative from the dentist. Because you have had a thorough assessment before the procedure, you won’t have to worry about needlessly suffering from tissue or nerve damage. Some incisions will be done as necessitated by your procedure, but these will be all kept minimal to make sure you heal as soon as possible.

Recovery. A few days after your surgery, you will be prohibited from lifting, and you may have to miss work if the pain killers are affecting your perception. It is recommended for patients to rest for at least three days after their surgery. You will heal as an outpatient though because the pain is mostly manageable and you could recover well at home with the proper care and medicine.

Fitting. The implants on your jawline are just screws. The caps are usually fitted once the surgical site has healed. Thankfully, the healing process after surgery when it comes to dental implants is fairly fast compared to other surgical procedures. Once the caps and crowns are fitted, you should be able to reap the benefits of your dental implants.

Maintenance. It is essential that you find the right dental implant expert for better smile. This is because this dentist will be your partner in dental health even after your dental implant surgery. After the surgery, your teeth will need just about the same care as natural teeth. However, you need to be diligent to prevent infections from happening in the future.

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