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Do you notice how women regard nutrition as synonymous to slimming? But for toddlers up to pre-puberty, nutrition is equated to �filling� the smaller and softer flesh, almost tantamount to implying �fattening�. The same term is used for two different and even opposing connotations.

What, really, is nutrition? Is there a hard and fast rule and system to attaining the state of being well nourished? Many of us misunderstand the meaning of nutrition. Its implications and result, if applied properly with all the right ingredients, is physical fitness. However, if taken to mean just eating whatever we want in quantities and volumes according to our fancy, we risk being malnourished or worse, getting sick and even a fast slither to the death gorge. Some even suffer a sudden halt when they expire via cardiac arrest, because of malnutrition-caused physiological ailment or internal damage.

Food has a natural palatability that makes it easy for us to take in for nourishment. There are certain foodstuffs or food products that do not appeal to particular individuals who, as much as possible, avoid eating them. A classic example is most children’s natural (or unnatural?) dislike for most vegetables. Some people become so addicted to certain foodstuffs that they always crave for them even with admonitions by medical and nutrition experts.

Nutrition is something that requires an intelligent decision based on scientific bases. We know that there are three food groups we conveniently nickname the 3 Gs for easy recall �” go, grow and glow. The �go� foods are fats and carbohydrates which give us energy but make us very fat if taken excessively. This group includes cereals and fatty or oily foodstuffs. �Grow� foods are those of fish, meat and other high-protein stuff that feed our muscle to growth and tissue-healing. The �glow� food group practically make us glow by giving us a healthy look. This comes from fruits and vegetables containing essential vitamins and minerals.

The so-called balanced diet is the key to health and physical fitness. There is, however, confusion of where the balance lies to the average person. Balanced diet is not just EQUAL portions or servings of the three food groups. Different folks require different serving sizes for each of the three basic food groups. Anatomical, genetic, physiological and psychological make-up are a good underpinning for a sound diet and nutrition program. Lifestyle is a big factor that can swing the physical fitness plan to the bull’s eye or far away from the desired state.

So for a most reliable diet, nutrition and physical fitness program that perfectly suits you, contact your local diet and nutrition expert practitioner before ailments overtake you.