Make Selecting a Caregiver a Family Affair

Turning the care of a loved one over to someone outside your family can be a stressful task. That’s why it’s important that you act as a family in the selection of the caregiver that you hire. If your loved one is elderly, be sure to involve them as well as your siblings in the choice that you make. If it’s a spouse or another family member, ask them what they think they can do on their own and make a list of what help they will need with keeping their independence and quality of life. By following some of the tips suggested below, your family will find the right caregiver for the person who needs assistance.


  • As suggested, begin to create a list of things that the caregiver will have to do for your loved one. Include any housekeeping duties, cooking, cleaning, and appointments that they will have to drive your loved one to. This will help you once you find some agencies to interview about the types of services that they provide. You must inform the caregiver of all of their tasks before you hire them; it is unprofessional to hire a caregiver and then begin attaching extra jobs for them to perform. A caregiver job requires a great deal of planning and scheduling, so give them as much information as possible so that they will know what is expected of them before they begin work.
  • Explore websites that explain care worker jobs so that you’ll know what some of the requirements are that you can reasonably from your caregiver. By reviewing job applications that they will have to complete you can learn some of the questions that you can ask when you meet the caregivers you have selected as candidates for your job. Make a list of questions that you can ask to clarify what your expectations are for the job what exactly they’ll be doing for you. Explain to your family members about what the caregiver will be doing so that you will all know the details of what is to be done for your loved one. You shouldn’t have family members changing the job requirements without first discussing it as a family.
  • Have the person who will be receiving the care meet the caregiver suggested by the agency to see if they are compatible. Discuss activities that they will be doing, any hobbies that your family member has, and the general routine that you will expect them to observe. Having a caregiver who enjoys some of the same things as your loved one will make the entire experience much more enjoyable.
  • Allow each member of your family time to ask questions so that you can see how much experience the caregiver has and how they interact with your family. This helps you to choose the right agency and the ideal caregiver for your family member. Check off your list as you cover topics and at the end of the meeting ask if anyone has other ideas that need to be discussed. Including everyone in the selection of a caregiver will prevent many problems that can arise later.

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