Spotting a water damaged hotel

Flooded Room in San Diego
Flooded Room in San Diego

Going on holiday should be one of the most exciting, most relaxing, and most fun experiences of your year. Why else would you wait for such a long time, save up so much money, and look forward to it so much? However, despite all of the time and effort that we put into choosing our holiday destinations, we still hear story after story of the horror stories; the times when people have arrived at their hotels to find them dirty, with rats wandering around, or with water that isn’t clean in the pipes. These stories may sound horrible and disgusting, but on the other hand these are not necessarily the worst: the very worst hotels are those that have suffered from un-repaired water damage. So how can you spot a water damaged hotel?

Your first port of call should always be to ask the people who own or run the hotel whether they hotel has suffered through any damage over the last few years. Most people will be honest about any problems that they have gone through – mainly because they will use it to reiterate just how much effort they have put into it to restore it back to the way that it was before the water damage. Depending on where the hotel you are interested in is based, there will be different dangers that it has had to face; from earthquakes and flooding, to civil war and drought. It is always best to know, and much nicer to hear from the owners themselves.

If, however, the people who own or run the hotel are not very forthcoming about the hotel’s history, or you think that they are withholding the truth from you, then the next thing that you should do is to do a little bit of research on the hotel. A quick Google search should be able to reveal to youwhether anything major has occurred in the hotel in recent years. You may even find a local news story about water damage or flooding in the area. Many hotels that suffer from water damage do not put the time or effort into water damage restoration, because they believe that a small quick and cheap paint job should be sufficient.

But it never is. Mold, and toxic mold, can grow in places where the water damage has not been seen to properly. Hotels are absolutely the worst when a place has water damage; you want to be living a life of luxury, rather than having to wipe away the mold from the hotel bathroom! It is always better to find out about the state of a hotel before you arrive there, but obviously sometimes there are just things that you cannot do anything about. That means that if you find mold in the hotel where you are staying, you should immediately let the proprietor know. If they are currently unaware of it, they will probably be desperately embarrassed, but will then want to rectify the situation immediately.

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