Importance of Probiotics In Sports Nutrition

Importance of Probiotics In Sports Nutrition

The benefits associated with the consumption of probiotics in sports nutrition products goes beyond the immune support they provide. As growing evidence suggests they have the potential to improve protein utilization. There is a growing potential for probiotics in sports nutrition due to this finding.

Data presented by Euro monitor at the Probiotics Association in California indicates that there is a growing opportunity for sports nutrition to expand the global market for probiotic supplements to $2.7 billion.

A connection between immune support and probiotics creates an obvious use for them in athlete supplements. Some probiotic strains increase the immunity in your body to respond to viruses which result in common infections to the respiratory tract. Another benefit one can hope to derive from them is improved nutrient absorption as well as improved digestive health. All these make for healthier athletes.

If protein is combined with probiotics, the athletes might be able to use smaller amounts of whey protein. It will also allow athletes who have allergies and problems with lactose, or those who are careful about their cholesterol levels, to take protein sources that have naturally low concentration of Leucine, such as rice and soy.

Probiotics also make for effective Sports Nutrition by enhancing the utilization of protein that gives a lean body and increased strength. A recent survey indicates that some specific Probiotic strains increase the utilization of protein, particularly Leucine absorption, by 23%. Leucine is an important amino acid that increases effects of post-workout on synthesis of muscle protein.

Benefits of probiotics

Healthy intestines are inhabited by trillions of microorganisms. Pathogens are prevented from overrunning your system, protects against infections, and sluggish elimination is overcome. As they are at the core of how the body takes in nutrients consumed by you, they affect everything from heart health to brain function.

Probiotics help in treating constipation, IBS, bowel infections, infectious diarrhea, and heart disease. They also prevent gastroenteritis and help in minimizing the symptoms of intolerance to lactose. There are also strains that bring down inflammation and pain.

Probiotics that are coated with gastro-defense are protected against release until they reach their destination. The responsibility of probiotics is to take in nutrients, synthesize vitamins, and metabolize the medications you may take.

Importance of probiotics in men

It is important to consider probiotics in Sports Nutrition. A digestive system which is not performing at the standard levels will not consume enough nutrients to provide the fuel that is necessary during play and training. For athletes, vitamins are an important component to maintain a healthy body that is fit for competition. Probiotics ensure that your body can use all the minerals, vitamins and enzymes that you receive in a Sports Nutrition diet.

Probiotics are an important part of sports and holistic nutrition regimens. When a body possesses the right bacterial balance, it makes the most out of the nutrients received by it through multivitamins and meals. Talk to your physician to add them into your everyday supplements. You will typically notice some change in the regularity and energy levels within seven days.

Enjoy the Nutrition of Grapes

They’re little jewels. Rich purples, glowing reds and greens, bunches of grapes tumble down the sides of the fruit bowl, insinuating themselves among peaches, pears and oranges, inviting you to reach out and pluck the nutrition of grapes to enjoy as a delectable fruit snack. They burst into life in your mouth and their juice makes your taste buds sing. No wonder the ancient Greeks and Romans have enjoyed their wine for thousands of years �” Hail Caesar and hail the nutrition of grapes.

Europeans enjoy their glasses of wine, especially the French who, according to those who know these things, live longer lives than the rest of us. And researchers have determined that it’s because they drink more red wine. Red wine is made from red grapes which contain the compound �resveratrol,� which, among the other well-known nutrition of grapes, is a powerful antioxidant which hunts down and kills those free radicals which attack and destroy the cells of the body, resulting in disease. And while we’re examining the nutrition of grapes, we should be aware that most of these disease-fighting factors are in their seeds and skins �” the deeper the color, the more antioxidants.

Resveratrol has been found to prevent certain cancers as well as helping to avoid the risk of heart disease by maintaining a healthy venous and arterial system �” keeps them clear and free from plaque deposits which lead to atherosclerosis. This powerful antioxidant has also been shown to slow down the progression of Alzheimer and other degenerative nerve diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease. It can reduce high blood pressure and can even boost brain power.

What other health benefits can we find in the nutrition of grapes? Vitamin A, essential for eye health, Vitamin C which boosts the immune system, Vitamin E, another weapon against those free radicals and Vitamin K which assists in blood clotting. Grapes also contain those essential trace elements such as potassium and manganese, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium. That’s a lot of good stuff in one tiny fruit.

Of course, all these benefits are in the green and white grapes too �” they’re not restricted to just the red ones. And calories – one cup of grapes is about 70 calories compared with a medium apple which has about 60 calories. Use the nutrition of grapes as a detoxifier as these little fruits are packed with fiber; perfect for cleansing the colon of sludge. And as a result of that cleansing, your skin will be clearer and your energy level will soar.

The nutrition of grapes is available all year round in our stores �” choose plump firm fruits with rich color and wash them carefully �” you might want to let them soak for about ten minutes in a mixture of cool water and white vinegar. This will rid them of pesticides and other contaminants. Rinse well and pat them dry with paper towels and keep them in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Raisins are dried grapes and the drying process does not interfere with the nutrition of grapes. Raisins are a quick, healthy delicious snack �” take them to work or school and make sure that you’re getting all the nutrition of grapes available to you in your lunch box. And enjoy a glass of red wine that evening!

Achieving Balance With Sports Nutrition

Achieving Balance with Sports Nutrition

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. The obsession with health and fitness that scaled new heights with Jane Fonda’s workout video in the 1980s has managed to remain intact. People are very health conscious and want to remain fit. In the age of information, it has become easy for everyone to access a vast amount of knowledge about fitness and how to stay healthy. This has also led to a sort of overload of information as the cyber sphere is buzzing everyday with new information about health.

Having the right knowledge about nutrition

Maintaining good health is no easy task; one has to have a lot of knowledge about the different micronutrients and the various proportions that are ideal for the human body. The complexity of understanding the intricate interaction of the nutrients in the process of metabolism can seem daunting to the average person. There are a large number of necessary micronutrients and each of these have many specific tasks to perform.

For example, serotonin is required to maintain calmness and promote a general sense of well-being; the production of serotonin is aided by the intake of B- vitamins. But, B-vitamins also assist in the regulation and the maintenance of many other bodily functions. So, within the simple interaction between serotonin and B- vitamins, one can see that there is a complex relationship. Nutrients do not perform exclusive functions that aid in one and only one activity. Understanding the complex world of nutrition can become a herculean task.

The specialized world of Sports Nutrition

Athletes usually function under situations of immense physiological and psychological stress. The demanding nature of their jobs can be overwhelming for the normal human body to handle. The high levels of strenuous physical activity and the intellectually demanding situations they encounter on a daily basis strain them increasingly. So, they warrant the need for specially designed Sports Nutrition plan that meet their specific needs.

A large amount of stress means that the human body is drained of energy and nutrients. To replenish this reserve, athletes depend on Sports Nutrition which is a specialized field of nutrition intended to meet their needs. This field is not a new one and its history can be traced back to ancient Rome. The difference in the field of sports nutrition is that it has become highly specialized with many types of sub divisions like nutrition for body building and nutrition for endurance training.

Achieving a Balance

The right understanding of Sports Nutrition can help an athlete greatly and aid in maintaining fitness. It is distinctively planned to bridge the shortcomings of normal nutritional plans that are used by less actuive individuals. Due to the elevated levels of physical activity, there is a higher need for the nourishment and replacement of exhausted energy. Sports Nutrition works towards providing the athlete with the right nutritional content that not only replenishes the exhausted reservoir but also aids in greater functioning. It helps the athlete perform better and promotes faster recovery.

Sports Nutrition takes into account all other factors that contribute to and impair the health of an athlete and provides carefully calculated plans that are helpful to athletes.

Foods Without Nutritional Value

In Mass- production of food, during the process of ripening, storing, drying, cooking,
freezing, blanching, pasteurization, hydrogenation, ultra-fibration and multiple other
practices of modern food processing, our already degraded foods produced by NPK fertilizers
on depleted soils, are further deprived from their essential nutrients.

The latest RDA handbook, the official government handbook stating the quality of our
food, reviews hundreds of studies, showing that the already degraded crops of today may
lose even what’s left over of nutrients after harvesting, before it reaches your dinner table.

Here follows some examples of the evidence from the RDA handbook:

* Vitamin E: �the tocopherol content of foods varies greatly depending on processing,
storage and preparation procedures during which large losses may occur� (p101).

* Vitamin C: �may be considerably lower because of destruction by heat and oxygen�(p117).

* Vitamin B6: �50-70% is lost in processing meats and 50-90% is lost in milling cereals�(p144).

* Folic acid: �as much as 50% may be destroyed during household preparation, food processing
and storage� (p150).

* Magnesium: �more than 80% is lost by removal of the germ and outer layers of
cereal grains�(p189).

Next time when you eat a slice of bread, realize that the germ and outer layers of grains
are removed in the manufacturing process of all white and so-called �enriched� flours.

You must realize that these facts are not from some scary media report but from the official
handbook, Recommended Dietary Allowances, published in November 1989 by the U.S. National
Academy of Sciences. They are the latest official facts on nutrition.

Here follows some more evidence from authorities in food science to show the nutrient losses
by food processing.

Dr. Robert Harris, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at MIT describes in his �Nutritional
evaluation of Food Processing�, destruction of nutrients in vegetables by modern cold storage.
Stored grapes lose up to 30% of their B vitamins. Tangerins stored for 8 weeks, can lose
almost half their vitamin C. Asparagus stored for a week, loses up to 90% of its vitamin C.

Any time you eat an apple and see the flesh turn brown within a few minutes, it a sign that
the apple has oxidized in storage and has lost most of its vitamins.

Dr. Theodore Labuza, Professor of Food Technology at the University of Minnesota, recently
reviewed studies showing up to 90% loss of thiamin in the drying of meats and losses of
up to one-third of pyridoxine and pantothenic acid in freeze-drying of fish.

Professor Darryl Lund of the Department of Food Science of the University of Wisconsin,
shows that the process of blanching, commonly applied to vegetables and fish, can destroy
one-third to one-half of their content of thianin, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine and vit. C.
Similar large losses of B vitamins and vitamin C occur in the pasteurization and
ultrafilration of milk.

Dr Henry Schroeder, foremost American authority on nutrient content of foods, has proved
that freezing of meats can destroy up to 50% of their thiamin and riboflavin content and
70% of their pantothenic acid content.

These are some small examples of the evidence. If you add up all the nutrient losses that
have accrued to our food since the late 1940�s, there is not much left.
First came the degradation of the soils by use of NPK fertilizers, depriving us from the
minerals which are essential to human health. Then came the development of nutrient-poor
hybrid strains of grains and vegetables that would grow better on NPK.
Finally the methods of modern food processing have deprived from our food much of its
remaining nutrients.By the time it reaches your table, it is hard to determine the
nutritional value of any food that you put in your mouth.

One more reason, besides our toxic environment of polluted air and water,and the generation
of free radicals caused by our stressful lifestyle, causing oxidative stress, to supplement
our diet with first grade nutritional supplements.

Balancing Nutrition Extremes – Time To Take Your Nutritional Opposite Out To Lunch

A couple of weeks ago, Phil and I were watching a TED talk by a lady involved in politics in Washington, D.C. who was suggesting we should all take ‘the other’ out to lunch. This other would be whoever is the opposite to your political views. She, for instance, is a liberal/democrat and she took a conservative/republican out for lunch.

In her example, she came up with ground rules for their lunch to keep it from becoming a heated debate. I think the key is that they were both willing to communicate with each other in an open way to increase their own level of consciousness. This isn’t the kind of thing you can force someone into, or even bring someone into halfheartedly.

This week, I’ve also been listening to Kevin Gianni’s “Great Health Debate”. Most nights, he has one guest who promotes eating animal products and another who promotes following a vegetarian diet plan or vegan diet plan. Many of these guests have been extremely strict in their views to the point of totally dismissing the ideas of the other.

I’ve been thinking we need to take the other out to lunch in not just the political realm, but nutrition, too.

I have many ‘others’ I could choose from. My first pick would probably be someone who maintains that the only way for humans to be healthy is to eat lots of animal foods on a regular basis. The reason this is opposite to me is that I don’t believe that there is only one way for humans to be healthy.

I think it’s possible to be healthy with a small amount of animal foods, and there are some examples of cultures who are healthy eating a lot of animal foods – but for all of us to eat a lot? And for there to be absolutely no way to be healthy on a vegan diet plan? I have to admit that as open-minded and empathetic as I like to think I am, I don’t understand where that idea comes from.

My second pick would be someone who sees health and nutrition for humans as if we’re robots – thinking of only science, individual nutrients, and symptoms isolated from the whole state of our bodies and minds. I think science is an important part of our understanding of a healthy eating plan, but I also think there are other levels of health and nutrition that are equally important, and approaches that are much older and more proven than our current scientific process.

Both sides have a place, so why not look at both to make each stronger?

My third pick would be an industrial organic farmer. This would be someone who farms on a large scale according to the government’s certification rules for organic, but doesn’t necessarily go beyond them. I would actually pick one who just does the bare minimum required, because I’d like to know what things are like for these vegetables and fruits, and whether paying more for them is really worth anything in terms of nutritional value or lack of harmful compounds.

For all of my picks, I imagine lunch may not be the best choice for meeting grounds. It’s one thing to discuss differing opinions on nutrition, but to throw those opinions in each others’ faces with every bite might be a bit much. We might have to settle for going out for herbal tea.

What To Consider Before Buying The Best Multivitamin For Men Or Women

Irrespective of the gender, both men and women nowadays face an equally hard lifestyle. While some women have to balance home and work together, men as always have been, carrying the burden of family responsibilities on their shoulder. With the demands of the modern life growing in leaps and bounds, no one can be blamed for the toil that hard work claims on the body. Neither a man nor a woman can afford to fall sick or feel tired. To stay healthy, one has to have a nutritious diet but with all the running in the rat race, even eating proper meals often seem a hassle. How can one make up for that loss? It is simple. Just include best multivitamin for men in your daily diet and also make it a point to ask your better half to have the best multivitamin for women regularly.

One thing however has to be taken care of. As all that glitters is not always gold, any multivitamin available in the market that claims to be the best multivitamin for men or women might not be original and actually good for your health. Hence, you have to be careful while choosing the multivitamin for yourself. Read the information label first. This helps in understanding what are the various vitamins that are included and whether that particular best multivitamin brand that it claims to be, actually suits your age. At the same time you should know what the health benefits are that your multivitamin is promising you. Some of the benefits promised by the best multivitamin for men include:

i) Improving one�s ability to fight off diseases
ii) Eliminating and preventing the development of nutritional deficiencies
iii) Guaranteeing cellular efficiency
iv) Ensuring optimum and continuous nutrient intake

The same thing is applicable to women also when they are shopping for the best multivitamin for women. Apart from checking the nutritional quotient, you should be aware of the positive results that you are going to derive from the multivitamin you plan to take. Be sure to check whether your chosen best multivitamin brand assures the following positive results:

i) Increasing energy levels
ii) Preventing cell damage
iii) Improving Immune function
iv) Renewing cells
v) Enhancing reproductive function
vi) Improving cardiovascular health
vii) Increasing strength of bones and increasing stability of skeletal system

Once you are assured of the benefits, take time to find out whether the multivitamin consists of the following:

Calcium: This is crucial for strong bones and teeth. Women especially are prone to suffer from low bone density with age. Hence, proper intake of calcium is must.

Iron: This is crucial for better blood distribution throughout the body. Iron deficiency often leads to anemia which can lead to lightheartedness, fatigue and shortness of breath.

Magnesium: This is vital for the muscles and nerves to function properly. It helps in making proteins and also helps to keep bones strong.

Phosphorus: Phosphorous helps the cells in our body to function properly. It is equally important for keeping bones healthy.

Potassium: Helps the muscles and nervous system to function properly. Also helps maintain the balance of water in the body tissues and blood.

Zinc is necessary for strong immunity, wound healing and normal growth.

It is therefore crucial to know in details about the multivitamin brand that you are planning to buy. Simply trusting the name is not enough. Rather an in-depth knowledge of the product will surely land you buying the best multivitamin brand that is good for you.

5 Effects of Smart Nutrition

The results of excellent nutrition on the body are as visible as the consequences of unhealthy nutrition on the body. The distinction is that dangerous nutrition can destroy the body, whereas good nutrition solely supports and builds up the body. Hence, the higher goal in life is to take care of a life-style that promotes good nutrition. This will cause many positive effects, including the subsequent five effects of fine nutrition.

5 Effects of Smart Nutrition:

1. Maintain traditional body operate

This includes better learning, correct balance and pH in the body tissues, to stabilize and regulate body systems like blood pressure, rebuild tissues, and maintain correct blood sugar levels

2. Maintain healthy weight

This includes proper blood pressures, less seemingly to permit diseases like Diabetes, heart malfunctions

3. Forestall disease

This includes prevention of cancer, tissue disease, parasitical invasions, bacterial infections

4. Pass along good begin to future generations

Healthy babies, immune system, healthy pregnancy

5. Give stress relief

Reduce aspect effects of medicine, boost immune system, maintain calm and coping talents

If you’ll enjoy these five effects of excellent nutrition, you will be well on your means to a better, healthier body that’s able to perform properly.

One key to obtaining smart nutrition frequently is to avoid excess. Balance food intake between the foremost groups, and eat applicable amounts. You need a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and alternative nutrients. A multi vitamin might be useful if you’re not certain about your food intake but it is not an alternative choice to eating properly. Water is important to body functioning, moving nutrients into cells, and handling waste disposal.

You’ll get and follow the quality daily food pyramid and recommended dietary allowances (RDAs) place out by the government. It’s adjusted in keeping with age because dietary wants amendment as a person ages.

This pyramid consists of nutritional groups of: calories, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and includes lists of antioxidants and herbs that are helpful to health.

Besides age, the body’s nutritional needs change with use of drugs, or disorders and diseases that affect the body’s ability to fulfill those desires, or interfere with absorption or intake of food nutrients.

There are way more than the higher than 5 effects of excellent nutrition, however these go a long manner to obtaining you started during a healthy lifestyle if you pay attention. By the manner, if you cant listen, you’ll need better nutrition! Avoid excess sweets and highly refined food, because they’ll cause bacterial excesses that can also have a lethal result if left unchecked (Candida). By providing the right fuel (food) to your body, you enable it to function at its optimum capacity, keeping you healthy, happy, and match for years and years, with edges extending even unto the next generation.

Buying Anti-depressants And Anti-anxiety Pills Through The Internet

In today�s rapidly advancing e-commerce world, almost anything can be bought over the internet and delivered right at your doorstep. From clothes to shoes to other products and services, there are online stores that provide with convenient and comfortable services. In this barrage of products, medication can also be included as many companies now provide with leading drugs that can be purchased easily through online mediums. They say that health is wealth and therefore, you should not neglect the needs of your body. Especially when it comes to buying medicines online, you have to make sure that the website is a trusted and reliable company that is WHO approved. If you are looking out to buy Xanax online, then it is imperative that you buy from authentic websites and companies as buying from bogus and fake companies is extremely dangerous.
Not everyone can afford huge bills amounting to thousands of dollars on healthcare. Medicines and prescription do not come cheap, and can cause a dent in the budget. Buying medicines online is a sure way to get discounts and the best deal out of your purchase. Drugs like Xanax are much in demand as they are mostly used to treat anxiety disorders, panic disorders and nausea, due to chemotherapy. There are many companies that provide with high quality products and drugs that can be purchased easily through the internet. These online pharmacies are a godsend for people who wish to save time, effort and money. These are completely safe and one can save up to half the amount of money they pay to acquire medication at a regular pharmacy. All you have to do is buy Xanax and enjoy the benefits of getting affordable medications in a convenient manner.
Xanax is the first FDA approved drug for panic disorder therapy that came in 1990, and today, many people are dependent on the drug, for its positive and great results. The drug acts on the brains and nervous systems and has a calming effect. It enhances the effect of the natural chemical in the body, and calms and soothes the mind, within twenty minutes. If you are suffering from mood swings, anxiety or panic attacks, then you can purchase these medications without prescription online. A record number of people are taking anti-anxiety mediation and anti-depressants these days to deal with the stress of life and other conditions and treatments like chemotherapy. To buy Xanax pills online all you need to do is search for the authentic dealers that offer medicines at a lower price, and deliver it right to your door. You can trust reputed companies as they offer good value for their services, keeping in mind your convenience and urgency for optimal health.
Buying anti-depressant and anti-anxiety pills such as Xanax from the internet helps you to avail the discounts and deals and buy authentic medicine cheaply. However, you have to make sure that you buy the medicine from trusted websites and reputed company that is WHO approved.

Calories and Nutrition Are Not What They Used To Be

Calories and nutrition today are not what they used to be��

Humans generally eat �food� from 3 categories: plants (fruits and vegetables), animal (beef, chicken, eggs, etc.) and synthetic man made (high fructose corn syrup, saccharin, brominated vegetable oil, butylated hydroxyanisole, and all those other ingredients on the list that you can’t pronounce!)

Today I’d like to talk about the calories we get from vegetables and how they are no longer what they used to be. In my last article I mentioned that calories serve 2 purposes: 1) they provide energy and 2) they provide the vehicle to deliver nutrition.

The Canadian and USA food guides are pretty similar and recommend that the average person consume 3 fruit and 4 vegetable servings in a day. For vegetables, a �serving� is comprised of 1 cup of raw leafy greens or cup of cooked or chopped raw vegetables or cup of vegetable juice. For fruit one serving is considered 1 piece of fruit (apple, orange, banana, pear, etc.) or cup of raw or canned fruit or cup of fruit juice.

These aren’t random recommendations. They were made because these foods are meant to provide the bulk of your vitamin, mineral and fiber uptake.

But here’s the problem with those serving recommendations: They are assuming that the nutrient count in those fruits and vegetables are where they should be.Where they used to be! They measure fruit the same way car companies measure the gas mileage for their vehicles. My Honda Civic was rated for 51mpg on the highway. And sure it got decent gas mileage but certainly nowhere near that. It’s the same for fruit and vegetables.

These food guides assume that a naturally ripened apple has: 0.26g of protein, 7.86mg of fiber, 0.19mg of vitamin B2, 73.14IU of Vitamin A, 9.66mg of calcium, 0.05mg of copper, 0.24 mg of iron, 0.41mcg of selenium, etc. Do you honestly think every apple you eat has exactly the same make up of vitamins and nutrients? Do you think any even meet all of these figures?

Did you notice that I stated �naturally ripened� in the paragraph above? Most of the nutrition a plant possesses is obtained through ripening �on the vine�. We live in eastern Canada. There is snow on the ground 4 months of the year. Our growing season is 3-4 months long. So most of our food comes from Florida, California, Mexico, Central America and now even China! If these fruits and vegetables were picked after they had ripened on the vine, what sort of shape do you think they’d arrive in, 5000 miles later???

Let me explain something else�� Back in �early times� why did farmers farm?

They farmed for food! That seems like the obvious answer right?

But nowadays, why do farmers farm?

They farm for MONEY!

So how does that change affect farming practices?

In the early days of farming, farmers did not have access to all the chemicals we have today and they knew if they wanted healthy food then they needed healthy soil. So they would rotate crops, till under vegetation, not plant/grow for a season, and they would allow their fields to stay healthy and vital. By growing different crops, different stresses are placed on the soil and a diverse harvest is available to the family. By following these practices they ensured good crops and healthy food for their families.

But nowadays farmers aren’t feeding their family with their crops, they are selling their crops to earn money for their family. So now, the more crops they sell, the more money they make. There is no need to diversify their crops. If they grow wheat, then wheat is all they plant. If they grow radishes, then radishes are all they plant. This practice leads to 2 major problems.

The first problem is that if there are not crops in the fields, then no money is coming in. So crops are no longer rotated and the fields are never given a rest. With no recovery period, over time all the minerals and nutrients are extracted from the soil. Luckily for farmers, all a plant needs to grow is water, sunlight, nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Why do you think fertilizers are made up of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium? Given those 5 ingredients, a plant can produce a large, healthy �looking� fruit. But of course, if there is no zinc, copper, biotin, etc. in the soil there is no way for it to be in the fruit either.

A second problem is that to ensure �healthy� fruits and vegetables, they have to be protected from molds, fungus and insects. Herbicides and pesticides do a great job with that, but while they are killing the invaders of the plants, they are also killing the microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms are crucial for converting inorganic (rock) nutrients into organic elements that can be absorbed by the plants. So even if the soil possessed copper, iron, etc. it wouldn’t be available to the plant without the aid of the microorganisms.

So what does all this mean for our fruits and vegetables?

One study compared the nutrient content of vegetables in 1963 and again in 2000. This study found a 45% decrease in Vitamin C in spinach, a 30% decrease in Vitamin A in corn, and a 51% decrease in Potassium and 84% decrease in Magnesium in collards. You can read the findings from this entire study here:

These numbers hold true for both organic and non-organic food sources. �Organic� means that no synthetic pesticides or herbicides were used in the growing process. It certainly does not mean that over-farming the soil wasn’t practiced.

So, when the Food Guide says we should eat 1 serving of fruit, let’s say we select an apple. The Food Guide is assuming we’ll be consuming 340 calories and 128mg of Vitamin C. But the reality, as of the year 2000, is that an apple only contains 89mg of Vitamin C. Similarly Vitamin A in apples has dropped from 90mg to 53mg.

Honestly, our bodies today don’t really need to consume all that many calories. Let’s assume you weigh 160 pounds and have a lean body fat percentage of 16%. This means that you are carrying about 25 pounds of fat. A pound of fat has 3500 calories in it, so you have over 87,000 calories of stored energy at your disposal!

What your body needs is nutrition! The problem is, before farming became big business, we could eat a 340 calorie apple and get 128mg of Vitamin C and 90mg of Vitamin A. But now we need to eat 578 calories of apple to get the same nutritional content.

Have you ever thought about why you feel hungry even after you have just eaten? It’s not because your body is craving energy in the form of calories, your body is actually craving nutrition.

And THIS is why diets that encourage decreasing your calories to lose weight are not only ineffective but dangerous. Your body NEEDS Vitamin C and Vitamin A and iron and potassium and copper and selenium��. You bodily functions need these vitamins and minerals to function properly and efficiently. Without them you are setting yourself for injury, illness and possibly even weight gain!

How can you GAIN weight by decreasing calories? If you decrease your calories, you’ll likely decrease your nutrition. When your body is lacking essential nutrients it experiences physical stress. This stress activates your immune system and a hyperactive immune system causes the release of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol serves to STORE FAT, burn lean muscle and extract nutrients from your bones.

I’ll be writing more about how your hormones, including cortisol, affect your weight in an upcoming article. But in the meantime I hope you are beginning to understand that weight loss, weight gain and your level of health are controlled by a multitude of systems. The number of calories you consume is only one small part of that equation

Carb Loading Nutrition For Mountain Biking

One of the most common practices to improve athletic performance is through nutrition for mountain biking.

Athletes who participate in endurance riding know about getting nutrition for mountain biking by storing extra energy in the muscle tissue for endurance riding.

The right nutrition for mountain biking is essential for endurance riding and is commonly referred to as “carb loading.”

Glucose is the fuel the body extracts from the breaking down of carbohydrates.

The glucose, called glycogen, is stored in the liver and muscle tissue.

The more glucose (bloodstream) and glycogen (muscle tissue) the body can access when in endurance situations the longer the muscles will continue performing at an optimal level and avoid fatigue.

The newest scientific findings suggest that athletes should eat a diet of 70 percent carbohydrates three days prior to an event, and physical workouts should get shorter prior to an event.

The increased carbohydrates should come from reducing protein and fat and not by simply increasing caloric content otherwise weight gain can result.

A diet of higher intake of carbohydrates should be only temporary as an extended high carbohydrate diet decreases other essential nutrients.

Go For It Outside: Nutrition for Mountain Biking Leads to Great Fitness, Exercise and Health

Feed your great outdoor spirit with mountain biking for fitness and exercise.

Mountain bike riding is low impact, gets you off the treadmill, and into the great outdoors.

Now you know about nutrition for mountain biking, but is the price of equipment standing in your way?

Good used equipment can save you serious bucks and get you on the fast track to fitness outdoors.

If you don’t want to ride alone all the time, check out the social scene as well.

Go online, and you’ll find mountain bike cycling groups and great resources for places to ride.

Just don’t forget the safety equipment! See the world and all its glory right from your handle bars!