Top 5 Bodybuilding Mistakes in Nutrition

Bodybuilding competitions aren’t won by the lazy. It takes focused and consistent dedication to strict weight training and consuming a nutritious diet in order to compete with the �big boys�. Hitting the gym is often the easiest part of a bodybuilding program. Once there, you tune in to your muscle work and glide right through to completion.

However, maintaining a proper nutritional diet and supplement program isn’t always so easy. Proper nutrition means paying close attention to what you eat, how much you eat, when you eat, the amounts of specific nutrients you’re consuming and how your body is responding to your diet plan and bodybuilding supplements.

As you plan your bodybuilding diet plan, keep the following mistakes in mind and adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly.

Bodybuilding Mistake #1 – Failure to Keep a Nutrition Log

If you’re goal is to be at the top of the bodybuilder world, you should keep a nutrition log in order maximize results. Most champions utilize this handy bodybuilding tool so that they can readily see their progress, or track patterns which are not working so adjustments can be made.

Record daily food intake, the amounts eaten, when you eat them, their nutritional value of protein, carbs, fat, etc (purchasing a book of food nutritional values will help greatly with this), how you feel during workouts and throughout the day and what physical results you notice. This should also be done with any bodybuilding supplements you chose to add to your bodybuilding diet.

Bodybuilding Mistake #2 – Not Eating Enough

When you’re in the process of packing on lean muscle mass, you need to feed your muscles, mind, central nervous system and all aspects of your growing and stressed out body. If you want to increase mass, you have to eat the right kinds of nutritious foods that will add to your efforts. Proteins, carbs, fats and other micronutrients are essential for a well-formed physique and high performance body and attitude.

In order to reduce body fat (which is a result of stored calories for energy), focus on eating foods that are nutritionally dense with minimal amounts of sugar and fat. You should also eat often. By consuming small, healthy meals every 2 hours or so, you keep your body at a stable metabolic level which helps it better process the incoming nutrients. As you increase or decrease weight training activity, adjust your eating habits to compensate for the change in nutrient demands.

Bodybuilding Mistake #3 – Eating Too Much

Overeating is just as much a problem as under eating. The goal of a bodybuilder is to amass as much muscle as possible while keeping body fat to a minimum. Eating too much will cause the body to store excess calories as fat which will only hide your muscle building efforts under its soft, cushy blanket. High body fat stores will result in you having to train more often and harder in order to eliminate them and that is wasted time which could be better spent on muscle building and sculpting. It is much wiser and more efficient to develop a good nutritional diet that governs both your muscle gain and fat reduction.

If you’re overweight and need to lose fat, you should increase aerobics and high intensity exercises in your weight training program. You should also fine-tune your diet to eat precise amounts of the main, quality nutrients of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Continue consuming large amounts of protein for muscle growth and carbs for energy, but reduce fat intake until you get your fat problem under control. Your nutritional log will come in handy here to help with monitoring your food intake and, since people respond differently, you will have to watch your progress closely and make adjustments in both nutrition and exercise as you go.

Bodybuilding Mistake #4 – Not Preparing Meals Yourself

This is a biggie in bodybuilding failure. You need to develop a good anabolic level to obtain proper muscle gains and decrease in body fat percentage. You just can’t do that by eating from a store and restaurants all the time. Therefore, preparing your own nutritious meals is a critical element in getting championship bodybuilding results.

As we’ve discussed, small and nutritious meals need to be eaten at approximately 2 hour intervals throughout the day. Many foods can just be carried along with you, such as apples, chunks of cheese, mixed nuts, etc, but actual meals which consist of a variety of nutrient-rich foods have to be prepared. If you can’t do that yourself then you are at a serious disadvantage. There are plenty of good, healthy recipes out there that will help you prepare and stick to a powerful, nutritious diet. Check out some of the best bodybuilding recipes at Muscle Prodigy and have at it!

Bodybuilding Mistake #5 – Not Using Bodybuilding Supplements

Whether it’s through ignorance or wanting to stick with natural foods, many bodybuilders fail to properly utilize bodybuilding supplements in their weight training program. This is a big mistake that will severely hamper your chances at winning bodybuilding competitions.

A nutritious diet consisting of natural, healthy foods is necessary. However, your body doesn’t get everything it needs, or the amounts it needs, from such foods. This is especially true of bodybuilders and weightlifters who stress their bodies out to the max day after day. If you expect to develop lean, mean muscle that will impress the judges (as well as the girls), you need to supplement your healthy diet with added nutrients.

To expand your blood vessels and get more nutrients and oxygen to your working muscles as well as to get explosive pumps, take nitric oxide pre-workout supplement. When your workout is over, feed your ravaged muscles with the ultra clean whey protein isolates, glutamine and BCAAs for a powerful post workout kick that builds muscle mass and gives you a rapid start towards recovery.

Advice On Sports Nutrition Supplements

If you want to have a growth that goes on with the proportion of the calorie intake of your body. We need a certain amount of energy to do the daily work and to have a body that sports a muscle; we need to take extra calories. The carbohydrates we consume are then converted into glucose, a form of sugar which is carried in the blood and delivered to the cells for energy. When this happens the glucose is then broken down into water and carbon dioxide and any that is unused will be converted into glycogen, another form of carbohydrate that is stowed away in the muscles and liver. The amino acids and other vitamin intake in the body make sure that we end up getting the additional protein and the sports nutrition supplements helps a lot when it comes to mass gainers for the body.

Protein is what rebuilds and repairs your muscles after a tough workout or game, a right protein blend that has all the multiple sources of proteins and vitamins that are necessary for the growth is the appropriate nutritional support, but it also primes the pump to make sure the right amino acids are available to your muscles during the workout. For this reason, protein – like carbs – is needed both before and after your workout. Several Sports Nutrition and Protein Powder which are on the market have the right blend of the said proteins that not only help you to gain the required amount of muscle, but also help you to train and tone your body that helps you to enjoy faster lean muscle gains as well as quicker recovery after the workout session. The amino acids gets regulated when you take the mass gainers and it help you to gain the overall body mass.

When the body is supplemented with the right amount of mass gainers and protein supplements, scientific developments and new discoveries about how different food types work within the body mean those athletes can now tailor their diets to help them excel in their particular sport. The body gets help in reducing the muscle deterioration and help in the mass gain plus muscle growth. Sport nutrition is essentially the study of the science behind food and how it can benefit or impair sporting performance and fitness. Be it whey protein or the hydrolyzed whey protein, both have the added advantages over the human body when it comes to gain mass and build up muscles more quickly and effectively. Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, if you wish to optimize your performance level and guarantee continuous improvement, a healthy and well-planned diet could help you to do so.

A well planned diet along with the additional protein supplement will surely make you gain the desired body results in no time. Ever body system has a specific amino acid cycle and taking protein supplements according to your working and exercising regime helps you to nail the perfect amount of protein intake, making you gain the desired results in no time.

About Muscle Building Supplements And Finding The Right Products For You

In this brief but hopefully enlightening post we are going to explore the subject of muscle building supplements. Whilst it may seem somewhat recent that muscle building supplements began to appear, they may have already been around for a few generations.

In ancient Greece, just as an example, fighters and athletes were encouraged to drink wine as well as eat loads of meat because it was believed this could help build up strength and muscularity. Without a doubt, nutritional supplements have improved since back then.

Surprisingly, even with scientific and technological advancements of the twentieth century, muscle building supplements were rather slow in gaining wide acceptance. Many viewed them with suspicion and the fact that quite a few of them came in pill form just heightened this suspicion.

It would not be until the very latter part of that century that these supplements would virtually explode in popularity. This was mainly because of some legendary bodybuilders as well as Olympic athletes “admitting” to using them. In the beginning “endorsements” were few and far between, but the story is different now. Endorsements are where the money is for accomplished bodybuilders and athletes of today.

Today, there virtually countless sports supplements that claim to help one improve physical strength, muscle size, performance and anything in between. Among the most popular bodybuilding supplements include:

* Whey along with other milk-based proteins

* Egg proteins

* Glutamine and other amino acids

* Various forms of creatine

* Supplements for gaining weight

As there are hundreds, if not thousands of various kinds of products available in the market, you need to be especially cautious about how you spend your cash. If you are not careful, you could end up spending the equivalent of a mortgage just on muscle building supplements.

You should therefore narrow down your supplements regimen to just what you need. For people, on a tight budget, protein supplements should suffice. Remember that without protein you cannot build muscle. Using quality protein supplements could also help minimize the time you would spend in the kitchen preparing high-protein meals.

Glutamine is an amino acid that people involved in intense physical activities should supplement with.

One supplement that may be good to have would be creatine. And no, it is not a “must have” as some would have you believe. Creatine does not work for everybody, and you may need to test it on yourself as well as try different brands and formulations. Just don’t turn yourself into a guinea pig.

Of course, there are many more sports nutrition supplements out there than can be fit into one article. Constantly educating yourself on this is highly recommended.

Quality matters. All the same, ensure that the supplements of your choice are reasonably priced. Try not to only select the cheapest supplements, as this is often mirrored in the quality of the product. Some high-quality supplements makers sell their products online directly to consumers in order to keep prices reasonable.

What’S the Cheapest Way to Buy Supplements Online

Taking supplements is crucial if you’re into bodybuilding. They may not be necessary for you to grow and develop muscles, but they are essential if you want to see your muscles grow to their highest potential. Muscle supplements can be very expensive, though, and it’s easy to spend several hundred dollars a month on them. Fortunately, there are a number of practical ways you can save on muscle supplements and still meet your bodybuilding goals. Here they are:

Only Buy What You Need

This may sound obvious, but a lot of bodybuilding enthusiasts today, particularly beginners, spend thousands of dollars on supplements they don’t really need. Before you go out and get all the supplements you find in the market, ask yourself first what you really want to achieve by taking supplements. It’s also ideal to talk to your doctor or to your bodybuilding coach and ask which particular supplements can help you achieve your bodybuilding goals directly. Choosing only what you need to meet those goals will not only save you money, but will also reduce your risk for the many side effects caused by improper taking of supplements.

Read Reviews

The best thing about buying supplements online is that it also allows you to find out what other people like you are saying about a particular brand of muscle supplement. Most online stores today have a section in their website where customers can drop their comments or feedbacks regarding a particular product they have purchased. When shopping for supplements online, it would help if you can take time to read reviews to find out which supplements actually work, and which ones are just a waste of your time and money.

Visit Forums

Aside from reading reviews, another excellent way to find out more about a particular brand of supplement is by visiting forums, particularly those that belong to the bodybuilding niche. A forum is a place where different people ask or offer advice. It’s also a place where people share their experiences with bodybuilding supplements and people here can point you to the most affordable, yet effective muscle supplements in the market. A word of warning, though: since people in forums have different experiences with different supplements, it’s important to learn how to discern which opinions to trust and which ones to ignore.

Use Comparison Websites

If there is an ultimate way to find the cheapest deals on supplements online, it’s through comparisons sites. Comparison sites can show you the different online stores that sell muscle supplements and direct you to the one that offers the best deal. Visit this site and gain access to one of the most trusted product comparison websites today.

Buy from a Trusted Source

Muscle supplements sold online are generally a lot cheaper, but different merchants give different prices for their products. Once you find a source you can trust, it’s important that you build a strong relationship with the merchant. A lot of online sellers give huge discounts to loyal customers so taking the time to get to know your supplier is all worth it.

Buy in Bulk

Shipping fees are usually not included in the price of the supplement you are buying online, so prepare to pay an extra fee for the shipping of your orders. There is nothing wrong with buying a single item if that’s all you need, but if you can, try to buy in bulk so you can save money on shipping and delivery.

Be Sure That You Get The Best Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplement

Be Sure That You Get The Best Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplement

Supplements that are made from the New Zealand species of the Perna mussel are often thought of as a green lipped mussel joint supplement. They do provide a lot more benefits than for joint problems only, but considering just how effective they have been seen to be for joint conditions and arthritis, it makes sense to think about them this way.

These supplements are a combination of two key components for managing joint health, which are omega-3 and glycosaminoglycans – here is some more about what they are, and why they are so important for the green lipped mussel joint supplement.

What Makes The Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplement Effective

Omega-3 is one of the best anti-inflammatories naturally found in a food source. It is necessary to your body because it is what is called an essential fatty acid, meaning that your body needs it but can’t make it.

And since it has such strong anti-inflammatory properties, it can be very effective for reducing the swelling and related pain that is so much a part of different joint conditions and arthritis, and so necessary for treating these problems.

Additionally, since these are coming from a natural food source – if you are able to eat the mussels, then you should be able to take the supplements without any adverse side effects. This caveat would preclude those who are allergic to shellfish from possibly taking them, at least they should not be taken without the permission from your doctor.

The green lipped mussel joint supplement, having no side effects to be concerned about, is definitely an additional benefit compared to the anti-inflammatory drugs that are typically used for joint problem treatment. These drugs, which are the NSAIDs and Cox2 inhibitors are known for causing side effect problems from prolonged usage – these include gastro-intestinal problems, bleeding, and ulcers.

Glycosaminoglycans are better known as glucosamine and chondroitin. These are compounds that are naturally found in our body, and are very much related to our joint health. What they do is provide joint lubrication, along with the repair and regrowth of cartilage and connective tissues.

One of the likely reasons for having joint problems and arthritis is because of these dissipating as we age, so having a way to add back to them is very useful. That being said, glucosamine and chondroitin have frequently been given as a joint supplement, but with mixed results.

However, the compounds used in the supplements are probably not of the same quality of that found in the mussels. And the green lipped mussel joint supplement will be combined with the omega-3 anti-inflammatory, so this supplement is able to be a lot more effective.

Buying The Right Green Lipped Mussel Joint Supplement

Once you start looking for places to buy these supplements, you are going to find many to choose from – and if you aren’t careful, you will inadvertently buy something that won’t be effective for you, because of how it is processed.

You will find supplements made from mussel oil, or that are called mussel powder but are really nothing more than the mussels and shells that have been ground up into powder – what you want is to only buy a green lipped mussel joint supplement that has been made from the nutrients that have been extracted directly from the raw mussels, and that have been processed into mussel extract powder.

The reason that this is so critical to the supplement effectiveness is because – this is the only way that the supplements will actually retain the same nutrient profile as the raw mussel, which is the only way that the supplements will be able to provide their maximum effectiveness.

Delivered Promises With a Food Nutrition Calculator

With the different varieties of foods and the ever growing various ways of preparing them, people on diets can easily end up confused as to how healthy their meals truly are. It is far too easy to think you are eating a healthy diet when in actuality you are eating a harmful one, but there are tools to prevent this confusion and to make sure you eat smart. One such tool is called the food nutrition calculator, which will help prevent you distinguish between grilled and friend foods, saturated and unsaturated fats, and many other various differences in the common foods today.

The purpose of a food nutrition calculator is to help you balance out your meals, and over time you will learn how to modify your eating habits. At the end of the day, simply input what you had eaten throughout the day and you shall be presented with a grand nutritional total from the food calculator. With the results, you may simply see if and where you went wrong with your eating habits and adjust accordingly the following day. It does not tell you what you can and cannot eat, so rest assured you are not bound to any strict dieting. With a food nutrition calculator, you are given a great deal of flexibility, opening up many more possibilities that you would have compared to visiting a dietitian.

Besides giving you a flexible diet, a food nutrition calculator can present you with immediate results. Simply input what you had eaten (or want to eat), and it immediately gives you the nutritional value of your meals. It is free, easy to use, and you can use it anywhere you wish, provided you have a connection to the Internet. On the other hand, a dietitian will cost you dearly for an appointment, and then paying extra for each additional visit. Of course, a dietitian will be able to work with you face to face with professional support, but a nutrition calorie counter can still give you a very good estimate about which direction can lead you into better shape.

However, a food nutrition calculator is only one of the many tools you may use to get into shape. Dieting alone can only get you so far, and to get a great body you will also need to exercise. Start off slow, and gradually work yourself up into a steady routine with both aerobic and body building exercises. And before you know it, you will be shedding off those extra pounds and looking great in no time, especially with the help of a food nutrition calculator by your side.

Craving for Food, Discipline and Proper Nutrition

Food is a basic need. As a basic need, we always have to eat food within our standard mealtimes. That is the basic relationship between food and man. And while it cannot be denied that food’s basic function is nutrition, man often fails to consider food that way. We go more for taste rather than for its nutritive function.

God is so good as to make food palatable. Atheists say it’s not God but nature which did it. Whether it’s God or nature, it really doesn’t matter to the scientist. What matters is how food is agreeable to man as tasty nutrition. It could have been bitter like medicine that we have to take because of its healing function despite its disagreeable taste.

The same palatable taste of food which we thank for can also be a harmful element. Some of us cannot control the craving for the sweet or delicious taste of candies, chocolate, ice cream, pork and all other foodstuff that if we eat too much of will do us more harm than good. We don’t feel it in the early stages but long-term practice of overly satisfying our cravings gives us bulges where there shouldn’t be. We gradually feel heaviness when we should be moving lightly and swiftly. We feel aches and pains that weren’t there before.

Later symptoms are of palpitations of the heart, shortness of breath and similar symptoms that if not promptly checked can lead to cardiac arrest or stroke. Now, that’s nasty. We could have prevented such catastrophe if we knew that would happen. We should have checked our cravings. That is probably why gluttony is forbidden in the Bible. Atheists may refute that prohibition from a God they do not believe in but not the ill effects of gluttony.

Do you remember how we are �educated� in school about balanced diet and proper nutrition? Even if you haven’t had any formal education from regular schools, there are reminders for proper nutrition in community health services. But do we take heed? No, we don’t. Even those under proper nutrition and physical fitness programs because of overeating-related ailments are having a hard time conforming to the �new rules� for a better lifestyle. Besides, we see some institutions with obese nutrition officers. How is it possible for us to believe their preaching that they do not practice?

Easy access to �malnutritive� food aggravates the problem. The corner deli and fast-food establishments should be subjected to government nutrition regulation. It may help minimise nutrition-related occurrence of diseases. But we all know that even with such restrictive measures, some people will just be unable to control their craving for food. These are the people who need professional help from dieticians, nutritionists and maybe psychiatrists.

Beware of food. They are yummy beyond our control and potentially harmful if not ingested properly and consumed with objective delight.

What Does Fish Oil Do – The Amazing Health Supplement That You Take Each Day

What does fish oil do? That is the question being asked by an increasing number of people, as more and more people are learning about the benefits of taking an Omega 3 supplement each day. There is ample evidence out there that Omega 3 fish oil supplements help to lower triglycerides, (blood fats related to cholesterol.) they do this naturally.

Fish oil seems to do a lot of things naturally. For instance Omega 3 fish oil supplements are a natural blood thinner. They help to reduce our blood pressure. Just generally fish oil helps our cardiovascular system. Overseas studies have found that taking a daily supplement of fish oil helps to prevent sudden cardiac arrest in otherwise healthy young men.

What can fish oil do? Fish oil boosts the health of the brain. Now our brain is comprised of some thirty per cent DHA. This DHA helps to keep us mentally fit and alert. If the DHA levels drop then we may suffer from mood swings, bouts of depression and other emotional disorders. DHA helps our concentration and helps to improve our memory.

Pregnant women are the latest to discover the amazing health supplement that you take daily. When you ask, what does fish oil do? They will tell you that the DHA in the supplement helps to build their baby’s cerebral cortex. This is tied in to their baby’s IQ, so you can see why taking an Omega 3 supplement is absolutely necessary for the baby’s normal development.

Omega 3 fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Taken daily, it helps to reduce the amount of anti-inflammatory drugs that we need to take. Research and development from a firm in New Zealand has brought us an Omega 3 /DHA fish oil that has double the anti-inflammatory properties of other highly concentrated oils.

I hope that this article on, What does fish oil do? Has proved to be of some benefit to you.

Keeping your Toddler’s Nutrition Up to Par

It is important to provide your toddler with proper nutrition. Toddlers can be picky. A lot of times they don’t want to try new foods. Further, they want to play instead of eat at mealtimes, and sometimes require different mealtimes than the rest of the family just to get their interest.

Some common mistakes that are made when feeding toddlers is no transition from the bottle to the cup. A lot of toddlers are still drinking more than 16 to 24 ounces of milk a day and too much milk can make a toddler anemic plus fill them up when they should be eating a variety of foods instead. Also, a lot of times people allow their toddlers to have sweets and snacks in between meals and then when it comes to eating a meal, the toddler doesn’t want to eat.
Never force your toddler to eat when they are not hungry. Further, don’t give them large portions. They should technically eat about 1/4 of what an adult eats.

For a nutritious diet, your toddler should be eating about six servings of grains a day, three services of veggies and fruits, two servings of milk and meat and limited fat and sweets. If you can manage to get your toddler to eat these things, you have beaten the battle.

A good rule of thumb is top make sure your toddler is eating about 40 calories per every inch tall they are. This means if they didn’t eat enough at mealtime, you do need to supplement. However, be careful of your supplemental choices. You can keep your toddler healthy by offering them an occasional piece of cheese or some jello or pudding. Keep away from chips and crackers and things that don’t offer much in the value of nutrition.

Remember that your child is not growing as fast now as they were during their first year of life. Their growth has slowed, so they don’t require as much energy. Because of this, it might be hard getting them to sit still long enough to eat a full meal. You can feed them smaller meals each day and still keep their needs of nutrition up to par.

Finally, keep junk food out of their lives and out of the house. There is no reason to allow your toddler to eat things like cheese puffs and potato chips. If you don’t get them started in bad habits now, they likely won’t have them in the future.

Tips And Lists For The Best Weight Lifting Supplements

If you want to build, excellent muscle mass in a short period and needs more convenience in achieving your goal then you should take the best weight lifting supplements. These supplements already made their way to success in helping people not only to gain their aimed muscles but attaining the needed nutritional requirements. Not every meal that we eat provides the good nutrients that will help our body function at its best. There are so many supplements with different brands are available right now in the market. However, the promises they have on the packaging is not a guarantee.

Here are some tips concerning the best weight lifting supplements.
Be reminded that food will always be the priority as the source of body nutrients. There is no alternative when it comes to quality nutrition and exercise.

Supplements are used to enhance the nutrients but not to substitute the food. Do not believe easily in any claims of manufacturers of the supplements. It is better to stick to supplements that are needed by the body.

Buy only to those companies that are reliable and has completed all the requirements needed by Food and Drug Administration.

Take daily multivitamins because they are the most basic need of our body in preventing acquiring diseases.

Drink as often as you can, the daily-recommended intake is 2-3 liters but as a bodybuilder, you should increase it more. If you have kidney problem ask your physician how much water should you take in a day. Water replenishes all the water excreted during exercise.
Avoid intake of any drugs. Drugs may alter your immune system and it is better to have good nutrition and big muscles by having it naturally and with the help of best weight lifting supplements.

Here is the list with a description of each supplement.
Whey protein is considered the best bodybuilding supplement, and is the best source of protein, which has the highest biological value in terms of giving muscle mass. It can be found on milk with a biological vale of 100-150, much higher than the biological value of protein from eggs.

Weight gainer powders on the other hand are packed with large amount of carbohydrates and proteins that can be a source in gaining weight. Moderate intake should be considered because it can turn into fat if not used through exercise.

Creatine aids in building muscles, which is very important for bodybuilders, and it boosts energy during intense workouts.

Glutamine is the most commonly used amino acid to help in building muscles, preventing its loss and increasing protein synthesis.

Vitamins are needed to have good digestion process; vitamin C synthesizes collagen that promotes healing process.

These best weight lifting supplements should be taken in proper amount, taking more than what you need can cause harm to your body.